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welcome [05 Jan 2014|11:59pm]

welcome! please look around & feel free to ask me any and all questions you may have :)

things you should know
items come from a smoker's home. however i have never had anyone complain about any items (clothing included) smelling like smoke.

please be courteous and check back! if you are no longer interested in an item, let me know! if you are late on sending payment, thats totally fine, but please keep me updated. i understand shit happens, and am not a stresser for time. all i ask is that you keep me updated, and in return i will do the same. a simple "hey sorry i havn't sent paymet yet but i still want the item and i havn't forgotten. ive just been busy." or something like that is totally fine. i do not like having to run after people to see whatsup with their payment/item.

i take paypal, money orders. i will accept well concealed cash in USD on a case by case basis only.

i ship mostly on fridays, standard shipping. i normally do not get a tracking number or insurance so if you would like either please lmk. i recycle mailers whenever i can. if you would preffer a brand new mailer please lmk before you send payment so i can factor that in.

once the package(s) leaves my hands, i am no longer responsible for what happens to it along the way. dont blame me, blame the USPS. i try to package my items very carefully so there is the least possibility that anything will happen to it.

- inbox message (preferred method)
- email: the10thdegree@gmail.com (if you do email me please put your LJ username in the subject line so i can keep track of who is who)
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feedback / wantlist / transactions [02 Jan 2014|11:08pm]

i do require feedback after you receive your item. it helps let me know that your order arrived safely, and the whole process went smoothly. it also helps me learn from and fix my mistakes, if anything doesn't work out. if there was a problem with something along the way, please contact me and i will do my best to make it up to you.


seller's feedback
positive: +15
neutral: 0
negative: 0

buyer's feedback no one ever remembers to do this...
positive: +1
neutral: 0
negative: 0

feedback from all transactions done under this username... this store front is *brand new* so there isn't much here yet :) ive been buying, selling, & trading on livejournal for years and i have feedback on past journals. if anyones interested i can go fetch it for ya :D

i love a fair trade & a good bargain! if you have any of this stuff, please advertise! i may or may not resell what i buy or trade for, depending on how it looks & feels once i get inside my house. if you have any questions or concerns about this please contact me about before you commit to the transaction.

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i try to keep my transactions list as updated as possible, it helps me stay organized and helps keep everyone on the same page :) please correct me if anything i post is not up to date or is incorrect.

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updated 9/17/10
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hemp [01 Jan 2014|11:07pm]

find my hemp
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TOPS [18 May 2013|02:37pm]

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BOTTOMS [17 May 2013|02:52pm]

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ACCESSORIES [17 May 2013|02:51pm]

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everything else [01 May 2013|12:30am]

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